Hitching up Selecting and Maintaining The Proper Hardware Lead


The process of buying a new travel trailer or fifth-wheel is full of choices. What is ultimately supposed to be an enjoyable experience is filled with such tasks as negotiating a price, arranging financing, settling on a fair trade-in value for your old rig and choosing insurance, floorplans, decor schemes and optional equipment. However, one of the most important choices may be considered an afterthought: namely, choosing the proper trailer hitch.

Fortunately, selecting the right hitch isn’t difficult, nor is its installation–after locating a competent hitch shop, that is. Maintaining proper adjustment of the hitch on an ongoing basis: is improtant, and it has a large bearing on the safety and enjoyment of trailer towing.

Trailers are available in two different designs–a travel trailer that’s coupled to the rear of the tow vehicle by a conventional hitch ball, and a fifth-wheel trailer that utilizes a fifth wheel (or gooseneck) hitch mounted in the truck bed, centered over the rear axle. The hitching methods are as different as the trailers and require specific knowledge by the installer, and trailer owner.

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The Battery Chips Eye Lithium-ion

Dallas – Benchmarq Microelectronics Inc. hopes to duplicate its success in developing management chips for NiCd and NiMH batteries with a new three-chip set intended to handle lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion cells promise to have higher energy storage with less memory effect than nickel-based batteries. The three chips needed to implement a lithium management system include the bq2050 lithium-ion power gauge IC, the bq2053 lithium-ion pack supervisor and the bq2004E charge IC.

Today, the battery of car is also quite impressive.  Do you want to know how to choose the best optima battery for the car?

The bq2050 power gauge IC provides measurement of a lithium battery’s charge for battery-pack or in-system installation. It monitors a voltage drop across a sense resistor connected in series between the negative battery terminal and ground. The battery’s capacity can be displayed through a single-wire serial communication port, or via direct drive of LEDs. The chip includes a voltage-to-frequency converter to measure current, an A/D converter to measure battery temperature and voltage and a temperature-stable time reference and time base. Its typical operating current is 120 A.

Pack supervisor

The bq2053 lithium-ion pack supervisor is an 8-pin device that can be used in cell series of two, three or four. It controls the charge and discharge voltage safety limits for all the cells in a battery pack, whether the cells are connected in series or parallel. The chip controls two external N-FET switches to limit charge and discharge potentials. Typical current drain for the b12053 is 15 A, dropping to less than 1 A on standby.

The bq2004E charge IC provides fast charge and conditioning for nickel-based batteries, but can also be configured for lithium-ion types. The chip uses an external battery contact to choose between lithium or NiCd/NiMH systems. The bq2004E launches a fast charge of the batteries whenever Vcc is applied or batteries are replaced. The fast charge can be terminated through delta temperature/delta time functions, a negative delta voltage of peak voltage detect, or an absolute maximum of temperature, time or voltage.

The bq2050 and bq2053 are sampling now, with production in August. Price for the bq2050 in lots of 10,000 is $4.84 each for 16-pin DIPs, $4.95 each for 16-pin narrow small-outlines. The bq2053 is priced at $1.46 in lots of 10,000 for 8-pin DIPs, or $1.56 for narrow small outlines in similar quantities. The bq2004E is in production now, priced in quantities of 10,000 at $3.59 for 16-pin DIPs and $3.70 for 16-pin narrow small-outlines.

The Brake System Parts


With the rise of the use of anti-locking brake systems in cars, the way vehicle maintainers buy and install brake system parts in the future is bound to change. However, the change will be slow, as cars leave the protection of warranties which cover for longer and longer periods, and enter the group of vehicles which are repaired by professional and shade-tree mechanics. So, for the near future, the 37% of vehicle maintainers who bought ‘brake system parts during the past year still accurately represent brake system buyers and installers.

Those who do at least some maintenance on their own vehicles buy brake system parts in significantly greater percentages than those who do nothing themselves. The average percentage of DIYers who buy these parts runs around 40%, while only 24% of non-DIYers bought brake system parts. There is relatively little difference, however, between light, medium, and dedicated DIYers in terms of what percentage of them bought brake system parts. And the percentage of brake system buyers compared to all vehicle maintainers is the roughly same, e.g., 39% of brake system parts buyers were light DIYers, while 38% of all maintainers said they were light DIYers.

Dedicated DIYers overwhelmingly buy brake system parts, with little attention to brand name, in an auto parts store and then install the parts themselves to save money. A significant quarter appear not to trust professional technician, saying they installed their own parts “to see that the job was done right.” Only 20% said they didn’t know how to install their vehicle’s brake parts.

A third of all medium DIYers bought brake system parts in an auto parts store, a slightly higher percentage than those who also installed them themselves. Among other outlets, the independent garage was the most popular both in terms of where they bought the parts and where they had them installed. Over half of the medium DIYers didn’t install their own parts, they said, because they didn’t know how to.

The pattern for light DIYers was virtually the same as for medium DIYers, with the expected slightly smaller percentages buying the parts at auto parts stores, installing them themselves, specifying a brand, and knowing how to install their own parts.

Among non-DIYers, almost a quarter went to a specialty installer, such as Midas. And, almost three quarters said they didn’t do the job because they didn’t know how to.

So, in selling brake parts, it would appear to take no special effort to reach the dedicated DIYer: Just tell him that you’ve got the parts for his vehicle at a price that will save him money compared to professional installation. For all other maintainers, the effort should be at reaching the independent garage with a full line and technical information.

Source: http://itmycar.com/

cards against humanity online



Cards Against Humanity online

Cards Against Humanity online

The cards against humanity online are a fun amusement with the aim of can be played on-line using an app. The game be capable of be real played proceeding poles apart web page with the app intended for either free of charge or used for a fee. How the online game machinery The game can either be played by the side of a private or open game. The personal web-based games enable you to play a private game with your contacts from one curve of the globe. At hand is an decision of using webcam everyplace you be able to chitchat and see both added as you play the game on car.

You are too intelligent to choose amid two to 3 dissimilar servers anywhere you play on. The on-line app makes you to vision the group that is playing the cards against humanity and you can choose that single to join. The on the net version is uncomplicated on the road to navigate, with the i Pad and iPhone versions of the cards against humanity online you be able to play the game wherever you are.

Pros of cards against humanity online It is a dreadfully enslaving game and you be able to play more than stretched hrs.

Cons of cards against humanity online The on line version is nearby to everybody commencing every corner of the earth.

Cards against Humanity Base Game




Cards against humanity base game

Cards against humanity base game

Cards against Humanity Base Game is a game that’s designed for horrible people, its unique unlike other party games, this game is despicable and awkward and will definitely carry your day as you play with your friends. The game is quite simple, players basically use the black cards to pose questions, the respondents then answer with the funniest white card and the best answer wins the game. The product features 550 cards of which 90 are black cards while 360 are white cards. You will enjoy over 13 doudecillion rounds of 10^40 with six players playing in turn. The cards are decent and professionally printed and you will also get the game rules and other alternate rules in it. For this type of cards, no donation is made to any make a wish foundation.


There are enough cards to go over 13 doudecillion rounds, the cards are durable and they have awesome answers inscribed on them.


To beginners, they might find the pack being expensive.

Cards against Humanity



Best Cards Against Humanity

Best Cards Against Humanity

Cards against humanity party game for horrible people comes enclosed in a black pack which contains approximately 550 cards where ninety are black and 460 are white cards. The game can be played by up to six players and has more than thirteen possible rounds. The game has neat cards which are printed on the best premium playing cards so that they can be more durable, this is essential as it really gives you the value of your money. The party game has been in existence for long and is among the best historical card games that are still exciting up to today. Most sellers seclude a certain fraction of you the amount you pay and this is focused on donations so whichever way the card is meant for pure happiness, to you and to others.

How to play cards game?

To begin with every player has to pick ten white cards from the 560 cards in the box, one player should then volunteer to begin and he assumes the role of a card czar, he/she plays the black card. The czar then reads the question out loud or plays the black card by filling in the blank phrases aloud. This is followed by everyone forwarding a white card to the czar with its top facing down, the card you forward should be your best answer for the quiz. The czar then shuffles all the answers and later shares every card combination with group members. The czar then picks the best answer and the owner scores on point. Card czars should reread the black card before presenting the answers. After this another player assumes the role of the czar and the rest picks a bunch of ten cards from the box. Special “pick 2” cards imply you pick two more cards from the bottom.

How to make cards game?

It’s rather an easy task to make card games back at home, all you need is to download a PDF format of the game and print it from your home or a nearby cyber café. It’s recommended that while printing; ensure you print on quite heavy and durable cards. You might consider getting them color printed to give a good clear visual impression. People also consider printing a black color on the cards back to make it easy for you to distinguish the cards. From there cut the cuts using a big slicer or a paper cutter, don’t be in a hurry; be accurate and precise to get good results. Acquire a nice box that you can use to store your new cards safely.

Where To Buy Cards Against Humanity?

Cards against humanity can be bought from online stores but their prices differ depending on the seller. It important to get genuine and quality cards that will give you complete value of your money as they will be more durable, that’s why we recommend if you are to buy online get your cards from Amazon stores, or any other genuine card against humanity website. Acquire one today and enjoy better evenings of humor and laughter as you play with your friends.